Swedish politicians ‘covered hotel room in poo’

Hotel staff in Brussels are accusing senior members of the youth wing of Sweden's Social Democratic Party of leaving a bedroom covered in human poo and paying a chambermaid only €50 to clear it up.

Staff at the Hotel van Belle in Brussels say the incident happened when 23 senior members of the youth party stayed there in June, according to Expressen.

After a night out partying in Brussels, the guests in one of the rooms occupied by SSU, the youth wing of the Social Democratic Party, left a nasty surprise for the chambermaid.

“There were faeces on the carpet, on the toilet door, on the external door, on the chair and on the wall,” receptionist Rashid bin Hach told Expressen. The Swedes paid €50 to clean the room, which took two and a half hours.

The Swedish politicians claimed that an animal had defecated in the room, according to hotel staff. This was not an explanation that cut much ice with the chambermaid. “One can see a clear difference,” she said.

A spokesman for SSU, Peter Skeppström, who was on the trip, admitted he had been told what had happened, adding the group had tried to fix the problem. He said it never emerged who was responsible for the mess.