Pirate Bay trial delayed

The public prosecutor in the high profile Pirate Bay case has indicated that it may take several more months before any suspects are formally charged.

Pirate Bay trial delayed

But Håkan Rosvall was able to present one new development on Wednesday in relation to the 2006 raid on premises containing computer equipment linked to The Pirate Bay.

“We are returning equipment, computers, servers and networks that are no longer required for the preliminary investigation,” said Rosvall.

Sweden’s Justice Ombudsman elected in April not to criticize police or prosecutors for their part in the raid. He did however note that a number of companies and private individuals with no connection to the Pirate Bay had been affected by the raid.

Much of the equipment seized in connection with the raid belonged to customers of hosting company PRQ. Sixteen months have now passed since the equipment was confiscated.

“It takes time to go through computers and other equipment,” said Rosvall.

Earlier this year the prosecutor announced his intention to charge individuals involved with The Pirate Bay for breaches of copyright law. But he has now said that it will be at least November before all witnesses have been questioned and the preliminary investigation can be brought to an end.

“That’s the goal we are aiming for but the outer limit for when charges may be pressed is five years, as defined by the statute of limitations,” said Rosvall.

He does not find it unusual that the investigation has taken so long.

“The material is very comprehensive and the defence also needs time to familiarize itself,” said Rosvall.

The Pirate Bay was initially reported to the police in February 2006 by anti-piracy organizations IFPI and Antipiratbyrån. Håkan Rosvall was appointed as head of the investigation and several raids were carried out on May 31st that year.

Three people suspected of violating property rights legislation were taken in for questioning at the time. But the prosecutor remained tight-lipped when questioned as to the identity of the suspects.

“For the moment I would rather not say which, or how many, people will face charges,” said Rosvall.