Sex exhibition vandalized

A number of pictures by American photographer Andres Serrano were vandalized on Friday afternoon at an art gallery in Lund.

Sex exhibition vandalized
Photo montage: Viveca Ohlsson, Andres Serrano

Four masked men stormed into the Kulturen gallery and began attacking the framed photographs with crow bars and an axe, Sydsvenskan reports.

According to witnesses, as the men ran in they pushed staff out of the way and shouted the words: “We don’t support this shit.”

They then left behind flyers bearing the message: “Against decadence and for a healthier culture”.

The flyers however were unsigned and the men did not leave any clues as to their identity.

“Almost all of the works were destroyed. The glass was broken on several of them and they smashed a big hole in the middle of one of them.

“They ran in to the left, were the photos are hanging and it seemed like they had already been there and carried out reconnaissance,” eyewitness Daniel Hornwall told Sydsvenskan.

The gallery’s theme for 2007 is sexuality and the exhibition of Serrano’s ‘A history of sex’ created controversy when it opened at the end of September.

“It is terribly sad that democracy can’t be upheld and people don’t have respect for other people’s work,” gallery chief Anki Dahlén told Sydsvenskan.