Boy dies after assault

A teenage boy seriously assaulted by a gang of youths outside a nightclub in central Stockholm on Friday evening died in hospital on Sunday, police have said. Five teenagers are in custody on suspicion of murder.

The boy, 16, was attacked outside a nightclub in the Kungsholmen district by several boys of the same age. His attackers hit him and kicked his upper body and head.

The youngster’s heart had stopped beating by the time paramedics arrived at the scene, but doctors at St Göran’s Hospital were able to restart it. Doctors struggled to control extensive haemmoraging on his brain, and news of his death was announced on Sunday afternoon.

Five youths, all born in 1991, had previously been arrested on suspicion of attempted manslaughter. Police said following news of the boy’s death that they were now suspected of murder.

Crown Princess Victoria, who knows the dead boy’s father, went to Kungsholmen Church on Sunday. She told Svenska Dagbladet she “wants to take a stand against unnecessary violence. Young people should realise the consequences of violence.”