Sweden ill-equipped to deal with corruption

Sweden is ill-equipped to deal with bribery and international corruption, according to a new report from Transparency International (TI).

The lack of legal protection for citizens reporting corruption is one of the main reason’s for Sweden’s low placing. Countries such as Bulgaria, Argentina and Estonia all placed higher than Sweden.

TI also criticized Sweden for doing too little to prevent bribery and corruption. There is not for example a special telephone number for anonymous complaints.

But Birgitta Nygren, Sweden’s representative in an OECD working group charged with fighting corruption, was sceptical of the methods used to compare countries in the report.

Although there is no law in Sweden specifically protecting those who lodge a complaint, Nygren argued that this was compensated for by labour laws making it difficult to fire difficult employees.

Another recent report from TI placed Sweden among the most honest countries in the world. One a scale from one to ten, Sweden receive 9.3. Only Denmark, New Zealand and Finland were found to have less corruption.