Greens rule out coalition with Left Party

Green Party spokesman Peter Eriksson has dismissed his potential coalition partners in the Left Party as "backward-looking and old-fashioned", Svenska Dagbladet reports

Greens rule out coalition with Left Party
Photo: Miljöpartiet

While Eriksson is strongly in favour of cobbling together a red-green electoral alliance, considers it vital that the red side consists of the Social Democrats alone.

With the Greens’ modern outlook and environmental profile and the Social Democrats’ “security, justice and tradition,” Eriksson believes the two parties can offer voters a winning formula.

“I meet a lot of people around the country, and many of them view a partnership between the Social Democrats and the Green party as the most exciting and interesting alternative,” he told Svenska Dagbladet.

The idea of a three-party coalition meanwhile has dropped was down his list of priorities.

“I’m not sure where the Left stand or what they want. It sounds like they want to run an election campaign based solely on pick-me-ups.

“I’m not even sure if they want to be involved in this sort of governing alternative,” said Ericsson.

The Green Party front figure added that Left Party leader Lars Ohly was “quite nice”. But he should not have chosen to call himself a communist for so long.

“And I was genuinely shocked when I heard that he cried when the Berlin Wall came down. On such a joyous day for Europe. There’s something a bit strange about that,” Ericsson told Svenska Dagbladet.