Bridezilla breaks into shop to ‘steal’ her own bouquet

Don't get in the way of a Bridezilla on her wedding day. That is the lesson for a florist in northern Sweden after a bride broke into her shop to pick up her bouquet.

Bridezilla breaks into shop to 'steal' her own bouquet

Bride Camilla Holmström had ordered her bouquet from a florist based in a mall in Umeå and agreed to pick it up on the morning of her wedding. Staff at the florist’s had promised to open at 10am, but when Holmström’s friend arrived at 10:30am the shop was still closed. The bouquet was visible on a shelf inside, according to Västerbottens Kuriren newspaper.

By 10:45 there was still no sign of the florist. After trying to contact someone to open the shop, Holmström’s friend told the bride what had happened. By now very stressed, Holmström went up and shook the grille over the florist’s door, shouting: “Where are my flowers?”.

At this point, the bride-to-be noticed that that there was a 15-20cm gap under the grille. She squeezed under and made it inside to grab the bouquet. She then crept out the same way.

“In the rush I forgot I had just been at the hairdresser’s,” she said.

“It was a good job I didn’t have my wedding dress on at the time.”

Holmström, now Mrs Andersson, says the florist has now called her to apologize.

“She was so embarrassed, and didn’t know what had happened before she read about it in Västerbottens-Kuriren,” Holmström said. The florist said she would not charge her for the bouquet. She also offered to compensate her.