Teen Nazis ‘murdered disabled man’

Two teenage boys have been charged with murdering a disabled 55-year-old man near Stockholm in June.

The man, from Upplands Väsby, 25km north of Stockholm, was kicked and hit by his attackers using baseball bats and iron bars on the afternoon of June 18th. After the first attack, the man’s tormentors returned on a further two occasions, the last being the following morning.

Police believe that the man was stabbed repeatedly as he lay dying.

“This is extreme violence. I have never seen anything like it. It took place on different occasions and they have had absolutely loads of time to think through their actions and come to their senses,” said Lars-Inge Franksson of Stockholm Police to SVT.

In addition to the boys charged with murder, a third boy has been charged with serious assault.

The suspects are members of the Nationalsocialistisk Front, a Swedish neo-Nazi group. Police found large amounts of extreme right-wing material on their computers, including films of assaults and murders.

The boys were arrested as they returned to the scene of the crime. A police officer noticed dried blood on their shoes. Among the evidence against the boys is a film, taken using a mobile phone, in which the boys assault their victim, after which they perform a Hitler salute.