Workman uses own blood to call for help

A workman in Malmö trapped inside a shop that had closed for the evening finally got the attention of passers-by when he scrawled a message on the window with his own blood, Sydsvenskan reports.

Out of habit the store owner has locked the door behind him just minutes after the workman had got into a fight with a colleague.

The men were squabbling over a borrowed chainsaw when one of them lost his patience and punched his workmate in the face.

With blood streaming down his face, the man soon found to his enormous frustration that there was no way out.

He banged on the window and shouted at people passing on the street outside. But his efforts were all in vain.

When it became clear that desperate measures would be required, the man used his own blood to write the word ‘polis’ in the shop window.

Not surprisingly, people now began to take notice and help soon arrived. The workman was taken to hospital, while his colleague was arrested for assault and taken to the local police station.