Woman arrested after partner dies on sailing trip

A woman has been arrested in a marina in western Sweden suspected of killing her partner while they were out on a sailing trip. Police believe the woman, 54, may have killed her partner with a blow from a hammer.

The incident took place on Wednesday afternoon. The woman reported her partner missing at 3pm, after arriving back in the marina in Tjörn, on the island of Orust, north of Gothenburg. She said her partner had fallen in the water from their luxury sailing boat.

“She was deeply shocked, but was not physically injured,” said police spokesman Stefan Gustafsson.

A major rescue operation was launched following the woman’s report. The man’s body was found in the water approximately one nautical mile from the marina.

A search of the boat by police revealed traces of blood. On Wednesday evening investigators questioned the woman. Information came forward that led to the woman being declared a suspect. Police are treating the case as murder.

Aftonbladet cites someone close to the investigation saying that the woman confessed to hitting her partner twice in the head with a hammer. She then withdrew her statement, according to the source. It is unclear whether the man fell in the water or if he was pushed, the source says.