Family of teen killing suspect forced into hiding

The family of one of the boys suspected of killing a 16-year-old boy outside a party venue in Stockholm last Friday has been forced into hiding after receiving threats.

Police inspector Lars Ingvar Karlsson confirmed that the family had been threatened.

The boys suspected of beating and kicking the teenager to death have been threatened on internet forums, where their names and photos have been spread. The boys have also received death threats through other channels.

Police are investigating two threats.

“An evaluation on the necessary police protection is currently underway. The threats came to our attention on Wednesday and we have taken them very seriously. We have brought in our personal protection unit, but that takes time and they are carrying out a risk analysis now, said Karlsson to Dagens Nyheter.

The boy was beaten outside a 15th birthday party in the Kungsholmen area of Stockholm on Friday. He was kicked and hit in the head and upper body. Wehn paramedics arrived his heart had stopped beating, but it was restarted in hospital. Despite this, he died of his injuries on Sunday.

Five boys were arrested following the attack. Two were later released, while three were remanded on Tuesday on suspicion of serious assault and manslaughter.

The attack has provoked a strong reaction, particularly among young Swedes. Demonstrations against street violence are to be held at 5pm on Friday in Malmö, Stockholm and Gothenburg.

Thousands are expected to join the protest in Stockholm’s Kungsträdgården, which will be followed by a minute’s silence for the victims of street violence.