Moderates split over refugee issue

Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt has received criticism from within his own ranks for his rejection of proposals to direct newly arrived refugees to areas in which they are likely to find work and accommodation.

Following comments made by Reinfeldt at a meeting in Malmö on Wednesday, Moderate Party politicians in Skåne have indicated that the issue will be raised again at the party’s conference in Gävle at the end of October.

“We have to have more municipalities sharing the refugee burden,” Malmö councillor Anja Sonesson told Sydsvenskan.

Landskrona councillor Tutti Johansson Falk also expressed surprise that Reinfeldt had rejected a report by Integration Minister Nyamko Sabuni before its findings had been fully analyzed. Sabuni’s report deals with the possibility of moving refugees to municipalities boasting a strong labour market and a surplus of housing.

“If we commission a report we should let it run its full course. It is wrong of Reinfeldt to make a decision in advance,” Johansson Falk told Sydsvenskan.