Government slumps in poll

The Christian Democrats have dropped below the four percent cut-off point for parliamentary representation, according to a new opinion poll. The survey was carried out by Sifo on behalf of newspaper Svenska Dagbladet.

Government slumps in poll
Photo: Kristdemokraterna

The Christian Democrats dropped under the four percent barrier for the second time since June after shedding 0.9 of the support they enjoyed in September.

The Left Party also lost ground on last month’s result, moving perilously close to the watershed with 4.3 percent.

The poll consisted of a representative survey of 1,905 potential voters and was taken between the date October 1st and 11th. The respondents were posed the question: What party would you vote for if there was a general election today?

The four parties in the governing Alliance scored their worst result since the 2006 general election, with a combined total of 42.2 percent.

The opposition Social Democrats, Green Party and Left Party scored 53.3 percent.

None of the changes are statistically significant.

Sifo’s October poll

Moderate Party 22.7 (-0.3)

Liberal Party 8.4 (+0.6)

Centre Party 7.2 (+0.9)

Chr. Democrats 3.9 (-0.9)

Soc. Democrats 42.8 (+0.1)

Green Party 6.2 (+0.3)

Left Party 4.3 (-0.4)

Others 4.5 (-0.2)