Sweden ‘best at helping foreigners integrate’

Sweden is best in Europe at welcoming foreign workers, according to a new EU study. Lithuania does least to help new arrivals settle in.

Only half of the 25 EU member states in the study do enough to help immigrants, according to the researchers, who are drawn from 25 organizations. There are estimated to be 21 million immigrants in the EU’s 25 member states (excluding recently joined Romania and Bulgaria).

The Migrant Integration Policy Index is an EU-financed project to evaluate how well different countries promote integration.

The latest study looks at 140 key factors that affect immigrants’ lives. These include labour rights, opportunities for permanent settlement, the possibilities for them to be joined by their families and laws that tackle racism and prejudice.

The five countries with the largest immigrant populations – the UK, Spain, Germany, Italy and France – are all on the top half of the list, with Italy leading. Overall, however, Sweden won more points than any other country.