Bodström to make crime fiction debut

Bodström to make crime fiction debut
Photo: Riksdagen
Sweden's former Minister of Justice Thomas Bodström has taken advantage of his new-found surplus of free time to write a crime novel.

With his background as a high profile politician and lawyer, Bodström can consider himself well placed to try his hand at the popular fiction genre.

After several years running his own law firm, Bodström’s political career began in 2000.

Former Prime Minister Göran Persson requested his services as justice minister following the sudden resignation of Laila Freivalds. Bodström accepted the offer and promptly signed up for membership of the Social Democrats.

Now, one year on from his party’s election defeat, Bodström has signed a publishing deal with Norstedts and has a debut novel scheduled for release in May of next year.

“I really enjoy writing. I have already written two books. One was a diary of my time as a minister, the other was about football,” Bodström told The Local.

The current head of the parliamentary justice committee first made a name for himself as a footballer, propping up AIK’s defence for a few seasons in the late 1980s.

“This book is based on my experiences as a minister and a lawyer, but there will also be some romance and misdeeds,” he said.

The novel’s action takes place in government buildings, the offices of law firms and well-known detention centres, where Bodström spent plenty of time during his tenure as a lawyer.

“There is quite a bit of political and legal wheeling and dealing in the book,” he said.

Though a work of fiction, around half the book will be based on actual events. Most of the real-life content will be familiar to followers of Swedish current affairs.

“But there will also be a few revelations. It will be interesting to see whether anybody recognizes them,” he said.