FBI ‘mistreated’ Swedish terror suspect

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs is to investigate the extradition of a Swedish terrorist suspect from the Czech Republic to the United States following reports of mistreatment.

Oussama Kassir, 41, was arrested in Prague in 2005 on foot of an Interpol warrant before his extradition to the US on September 25th this year. The Lebanese-born suspect has since complained about the circumstances surrounding his arrest.

“He explained that he was taken during the night and that there were lots of police there. He was blindfolded, handcuffed, had his ears covered and was forced into a car which took him to a waiting plane. He has said that he considered this a violation,” Carl Henric Ehrencrona, head of the ministry’s legal division, told Sveriges Radio.

The foreign affairs ministry has requested a detailed account of the events of September 25th from the Swedish Embassy in Prague.