Swedish writer builds African village

Swedish writer builds African village
Photo: Björn Lindgren
Swedish crime fiction writer Henning Mankell has donated 15 million kronor ($2.3 million) for the construction of homes for orphaned children in Mozambique.

The author of the popular Wallander series of crime novels has long divided his time between Stockholm and Maputo. He said he viewed it as a privilege to divert some of his wealth to a new SOS Children’s Village in his second home.

“What the hell should I do with all this money?” he wondered in a statement.

The money donated by Mankell will be used to build homes for 150 orphans near the western city of Chimoio.

“There are 800,000 orphaned children in this country. I can’t help all of them. But that is not an excuse to not help anyone,” he said.

The village, which is to bear the author’s name, will contain fifteen new houses, a kindergarten and a school that will also serve children in the outlying area.

“There is a need for thousands of SOS Children’s Villages in Mozambique. I have the possibility to build one, so I am doing it,” said Mankell.

The writer said that the extent of his wealth made it easy for him to be generous.

“I am sometimes surprised that other people with a lot of money don’t do anything more sensible than buy another villa at the Riviera. How many villas can a person have?”