Migration Board slams ‘uncommitted’ councils

The Swedish Migration Board has criticized 14 local councils for not providing "acceptable arguments" for their failure to take in asylum seekers and refugees.

Director general Dan Eliasson slammed politicians in these areas for their “lack of commitment and responsibility”.

During 2007, none of the councils in question took in minors who had arrived on their own in Sweden, or agreed to accept refugees who had recently received residency permits.

“They haven’t taken any responsibility whatsoever during the present year,” said Eliasson.

The head of the Migration Board was particular scathing in his criticism of councils that were not prepared to do anything to help children who arrived in Sweden alone. Eliasson refused to accept the argument that they lacked resources.

“The state pays well for this, so it can’t be an economic issue. Also, each council has to have a social infrastructure in place to take care of children from their own municipality.

“It’s nothing new for children to find themselves in difficult situations, so it’s just a case of building on what the councils already know,” said Eliasson.

The fourteen councils least willing to take in refugees in 2007 were Askersund, Eda, Hammarö, Klippan, Laxå, Munkfors, Storuman, Sunne, Svedala, Torsås, Vansbro, Vellinge, Ydre and Älvdalen.