Prosecutor drops Bildt blog inquiry

A Swedish prosecutor has dropped an inquiry into Foreign Minister Carl Bildt's blog after allegations it carried anti-Palestinian comments, news agency TT reported on Wednesday.

Prosecutor drops Bildt blog inquiry
Photo: Fredrik Wass

The comments, posted by readers of Bildt’s blog, were alleged to have “incited hatred against a people,” but prosecutor Jörgen Lindberg said there was not enough evidence to conduct an inquiry.

The comments were posted on Bildt’s blog from March 20 to June 8 this year, TT said.

One of the postings said it would take 24 hours to make Palestinians disappear and “regain 100 percent of Israel.”

A foreign ministry source said in June, when the preliminary inquiry was announced, that the comments had escaped the notice of Bildt and his colleagues who normally deleted any illegal messages.

Bildt uses the blog to comment on his job and international affairs.