High profile rape case may reach Supreme Court

The lawyer of one of the men found guilty of rape in a high profile Stockholm rape case claims to have found an error in the appeal court's verdict. Björn Sandin, who represented a 25-year-old man sentenced to four years in prison, argues that the Supreme Court should now take up the case.

In a press conference after Monday’s verdict, the chairman of Svea Court of Appeal is reported to have said that “the accused denied using any violence whatsoever against the woman on this occasion”.

But the counsel for the defence consistently admitted that the men had in fact used “a mild form of violence”, Sandin told Svenska Dagbladet.

“It was a very curious comment,” he said of appeal court chairman Göran Ewerlöf’s statement.

If it transpires that the verdict was based on false information, Sandin believes his client should have the right to a retrial.