Cocaine found hidden in postcards

Four people are to face trial for smuggling cocaine into Sweden using specially-made postcards sent from Peru. Police say that between the picture side and the back of the postcard the smugglers had hidden a receptacle full of the drug.

Cocaine found hidden in postcards

The postcard is described as very well made. The drugs could only be seen when the picture was peeled off.

“They must have been ordered from a postcard manufacturer,” said Marcus Carlsson at Swedish Customs in Gothenburg.

At least 30 of the cards were sent from Peru, with six grammes of narcotics in each card.

The cards were detected by sniffer dogs at Arlanda airport in the summer. Customs officers were then able to intercept a number of further deliveries. The postcards were addressed to ten people from the Gothenburg area. Prosecutors say that four of them are now to face trial.