Sweden gears up for royal wedding

News has emerged that Sweden's foreign ministry has requested extra funds for a "wedding in the Royal Court" next year. But the royal family is remaining tight-lipped about future plans for Crown Princess Victoria, 30, and boyfriend Daniel Westling, 34.

Sweden gears up for royal wedding

Newspaper Expressen reported on Friday morning that it had read a foreign ministry memo on the subject of “preparations for a wedding at the Royal Court”. The amount of additional cash needed for “overtime, press logistics, computer support, extra staff etc.” was however “impossible to quantify at the present moment”.

The government already set aside an additional ten million kronor for the royal family in its recent budget proposal. The money was earmarked for “the royal family’s increased costs with regard to the Crown Princess’s official functions,” a fact that has also served to fuel marital speculation.

But the Royal Court was doing all it could on Friday morning to play down rumours of a forthcoming wedding.

“There are currently no plans for a wedding,” spokesman Nina Eldh told the TT news agency.

She also added that she was not aware of a foreign ministry document calling for extra funds.

“You’ll have to ask the foreign ministry about that. It’s not something I know anything about.