Dead baby found in rubbish tip

Two women who have been held in police custody in Gävle on suspicion of killing a baby were released on Friday following the discovery of the infant's body in a rubbish tip.

The women – the baby’s mother and grandmother – were arrested on Tuesday after police became suspicious that the mother might have harmed her child.

On Monday the 40-year-old woman had visited Gävle hospital with serious haemhorraging. She told doctors that she had recently had a child but since she would not give any more details and would not say where the child was, hospital staff contacted the local police.

On Friday afternoon, prosecutor Birgitta Fernlund said that there was no reason to keep the women in custody. The younger woman admitted during questioning that she had given birth to a baby but claimed that it was stillborn.

A post mortem will be carried out on the baby’s body on Saturday.

Meanwhile, police spokesman Hessam Akbari told Svenska Dagbladet that the women are still under suspicion.