Dead baby not murdered

A prosecutor in Gävle has dropped the investigation into two women from the town who were suspected of killing a newborn baby.

The baby, which was found dead in a rubbish tip outside of Gävle on Friday, was most likely stillborn, according to a post mortem carried out on Saturday.

“Experts from Gävle police who were involved in the investigation have stated that there are no indications that the child was breathing after birth and that there are no indications that the child was subjected to violence,” said prosecutor Birgitta Fernlund in a press release.

Suspicions against the women, who are mother and daughter, were aroused when the younger woman visited Gävle hospital with serious haemhorraging.

She told doctors that she had recently had a child but since she would not give any more details and would not say where the child was, hospital staff contacted the local police.

According to the prosecution service, the younger woman suffers from a learning disorder which could explain her behaviour.