Canine actor snaps during musical

Hetz the dog has played his last role at Göta Lejon theatre in Stockholm. Halfway through the final scene of the Sound of Music on Friday, the 9-year-old German shepherd lost his temper and bit actor Felix Engström on the arm.

In the song My Favourite Things, there is a line that begins “When the dog bites, when the bee stings.” But it was not meant to be taken literally and spokesman Johan Zeffer said that the theatre was left with little choice.

“The dog has been sacked,” he told Metro.

It was during Friday’s performance that the canine thespian bared his teeth for the first and last time.

“It’s a very highly charged final scene in which I’m quite aggressive,” said Felix Engström. The actor was keen to stress that the incident was out of character as Hetz was normally such a good dog.

But one moment of madness may have been enough to end what had been a prolific acting career.

“Hetz seems a little bit depressed at the moment,” trainer Erica Björkman told Metro.