Robbers foiled by shoddy planning

Two armed robbers who raided a bank in south eastern Sweden on Monday could have saved themselves a lot of hassle by carrying out some basic reconnaissance work. A sign on the front door of Tjustbygdens Sparbank clearly stated that there was no cash on the premises.

Armed with a handgun and a crowbar, the two masked men entered the building at around 10am on Monday. Refusing to believe the staff’s story about a “cashless bank”, the robbers conducted a thorough search behind the counter. Eventually however they were forced to concede defeat and went back out onto the street.

“You would think that robbers would do some research before going to work,” bank manager Mats Hasselqvist told newspaper Västervikstidning.

Presumably annoyed at having failed so completely in their task, the men then wandered across the road to the local supermarket. But here too their hopes were dashed, this time by a quick-thinking shop assistant.

“She screamed at some customers who were on their way in to hurry up and then she locked the door. She also managed to take the registration number on their car before they drove off,” staff member Einar Hjalmarsson told Dagens Nyheter.

The car was later found burning on the outskirts of Ankarsrum. Police units from Kalmar, Östergötland and Jönköping counties were called in to aid in the hunt. A police helicopter was also brought in from Stockholm.

At the time of writing, the two robbers had not yet been caught.