Murder probe leads police to Bosnia killer

Police in Malmö have said they want to speak to a 24-year-old man convicted of murder in Bosnia over two unsolved killings in the city.

A Swedish prosecutor has asked for permission from the Justice Ministry to travel to Bosnia to question the man in prison.

Peter Ståhl at the International Prosecutor’s Office in Malmö said there was evidence against the man. He has asked that he and police officers from Malmö be allowed to meet the 24-year-old in prison in Banja Luka, according to Dagens Nyheter.

The 24-year-old was recently sentenced to 16 years in jail for three murders in the Balkan country.

In Sweden, police say they want to speak to the man about the 2001 shooting of a Bosnian at the Bulltofta recreation are in Malmö. They are also interested in asking him about the discovery of the body of a 27-year-old Bosnian in woodland near Genarp, about 20 kilometres from the city.

The man has previously been questioned about the Bulltofta killing, as he was an acquaintance of the victim, but police could not link him to the murder. The man has previously been convicted of two murders in the Gothenburg area, for which he was committed to a secure mental hospital. He has also been linked to organized crime in Sweden.