Stockholm may lose Monopoly as city struggles to pass go

With public voting well underway for Sweden's new city-based edition of popular board game Monopoly, Stockholm is in serious risk of becoming a relatively undesirable address.

All the best houses and hotels may soon be vying for space in the northern town of Skellefteå, famous partly for its mining industry and the fact that Victoria Silvstedt hails from a nearby village.

With just over a week to go before polling ends, Stockholm is languishing in a miserable seventh place and is unlikely to replace Norrmalmstorg as the most valuable space on the Swedish board.

If the game were to be decided on current form, Stockholm would assume the Piccadilly place on the old British board, or Marvin Gardens in the American edition.

But if Stockholm feels it has been left out in the cold, Malmö and Gothenburg are stuck in the freezer. Neither of the major cities feature in the top ten, with voting set to close on November 1st.

The most attractive squares on the board seem primed for northern domination, with Umeå, Arvidsjaur and Kiruna all battling to be the new Park Lane or Pennsylvania Avenue

But for the refined charms of Mayfair or Boardwalk, a trip to Skellefteå is an absolute must.