Swedes fall for Danes

Swedes fall for Danes
Photo: Nicho Södling, Martin Nyman, Bent Naesby
Cross-border marriages between Danes and Swedes are flourishing as never before. The number of Danish-Swedish matches have more than doubled in the last decade, according to new figures.

Some 318 Danes married Swedes in 2006. In 1996 there were only 153 marriages between citizens of the neighbouring countries, according to Statistics Sweden.

The figures show that it is much more common for Swedish women to fall for Danish men than for Danish women to fall for Swedish men. In nearly 200 of the couples marrying last year, the male half of the couple was from the other side of Öresund, according to the Sydsvenskan newspaper.

The explanation for the increase in cross-border romantic attachments is that young Danes are invading southern Sweden in search of jobs and homes, according to demographer Christian Skarman.

“According to the statistics it is Danes who are moving to Sweden, not the other way round. Of these, the vast majority are men aged between 25 to 35, many of them single. This is the most natural explanation for the number of marriages between inhabitants of the Öresund region,” Skarman told Sydsvenskan.

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