Gothenburg school deemed no-go area for local buses

Health and safety inspectors have deemed an area on the outskirts of Gothenburg a no-go area for local buses.

Drivers have been told to avoid pulling in at certain times of the day at some 20 bus stops in the Landvetter and Härryda area on the outskirts of the city, Sveriges Radio reports.

The move comes after a long period in which bus drivers have been subjected to repeated threats and harassment from pupils at Rävlanda School.

“We fully understand the drivers’ concerns,” said Peter Bergh, traffic coordinator for the VL-Buss company which serves the route.

Bergh said the company had accompanied the police to the school and spoken to both pupils and parents.

“But it just doesn’t seem to have made any difference and now the safety inspector has said that enough is enough,” said Bergh.

Safety inspector Maja Mehiläinen is herself a bus driver and has seen the problem at close quarters.

“Unfortunately we have to take radical steps. There are lots of arguments and raucous behaviour on the bus. It’s like a playground. They don’t listen to what we tell them,” she said.

VL-Buss has also been in contact with the Swedish Work Environment Authority (Arbetsmiljöverket).

“They’re going to come and look at the case and discuss the problem as soon as they can,” he said.