Royal Tenenbaums director gets Swedish award

Royal Tenenbaums director Wes Anderson is to be given a major award at the Stockholm Film Festival, it has been announced.

The American director and screenwriter will visit Sweden in November to be presented with the Stockholm Visionary Award, festival organizers said on Wednesday.

“Wes Anderson receives the Stockholm Visionary Award for his humane and humoristic portraits of solitary human beings. In his films, he creates unique and stylized universes inhabited by characters searching for something to search for,” the Stockholm International Film Festival said.

Anderson, who is from Texas, is perhaps best known for the 2001 comedy The Royal Tenenbaums. The film gained him and co-writer Owen Wilson an Oscar nomination for Best Original Screenplay.

Wilson has co-written or acted in all Anderson’s films, starting with his feature debut Bottle Rocket in 1996. Other Wes Anderson films include Rushmore and A Life Acquatic. A special screening of his latest film, The Darjeeling Limited, starring Adrien Brody, will take place at the festival.