Moderates hit new low in poll

A new poll shows the governing parties continuing to trail the opposition, with the Social Democrats, Greens and Left Party commanding a 15 percent lead over the Moderates, Liberals, Centre Party and Christian Democrats.

Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt’s Moderates have the support of 23.4 percent of those polled by Synovate, their lowest score since 2004.

Synovate interviewed 2,479 people for the poll between 8th and 23rd October.

Overall, the governing centre-right coalition has 55.1 percent support, compared to 40.2 percent for the three left-wing parties.

The Social Democrats were on 44.3 percent (-0.3), Left Party 5.6 percent(-0.2), Green Party 5.3 (-0.3), Moderates 23.4 (- 0.4), Center Party 6.1 (+0.4), Liberals 6.7 (-0.1), Christian Democrats 4.0 (+0.1). The Sweden Democrats stand at 3.4 (+0.9).

None of the changes were outside the margin of error.