Swedish TV presenter ‘flashed breast at old man’

A female television presenter on TV4 has been charged after flashing her breast to an elderly man in Humlegården park in Stockholm last summer.

The stunt was to be part of comedy programme ‘Raj Raj’ but the man didn’t see the funny side. Instead he reported the woman, who is now the subject of a police enquiry, reports Metro.

Despite the fact that the presenter repeatedly apologised to the man and assured him that the scene would not be broadcast, he refused to withdraw his allegations.

The episode was to be shown on what TV4 describes as ‘a Swedish comedy programme where plucky girls break the out-of-date norms of how young women should behave’. Equipped with a hidden camera, two young women try to shock members of the public.

The presenter is no longer part of the production team and now works at Strix Television.

Earlier in the year a Strix employee faced legal action after ‘attacking’ prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt. She appeared to be about to interview him but instead squirted him with water.