Woman found dead after gas accident

Five women were found unconscious in a building in Härryda, in the east of Gothenburg, just before 10am on Saturday. One woman has died and the other four are in a serious but stable condition.

A large Buddhist gathering was expected at the premises today and the women were organising the event, reports Göteborgs-Posten. It is not clear why they stayed overnight in the building, which is located in an industrial area in Härryda.

“Some people found them. Carbon monoxide poisoning is suspected, caused by a grill which was left on overnight,” said Martin Jensen at SOS Alarm.

“We have a really big operation there with the emergency services and police.”

Seven ambulances were sent to the scene and the five people were later taken to Östra and Sahlgrenska hospitals in Gothenburg.

“They had taken an outdoor grill into an enclosed area where they were spending the night. When it continued to burn it created carbon monoxide. That’s very poisonous and in a smaller space where they slept the night this sort of thing can happen,” said Gothenburg emergency services spokesman Thomas Gustafsson.

There were no other people in the building.

When the ambulances arrived the unconscious people were treated with oxygen before they were taken to hospital.