Body believed to be missing woman

A dead body found in woodland in the Stockholm archipelago is believed to be that of a 27-year-old mother of three who disappeared from her home on 1st October.

The body was discovered in a wood in Ingarö, to the east of the capital. It has not yet been positively identified, but police said in a statement on Monday that it is very likely to be that of the missing woman.

The woman’s ex-boyfriend was remanded in custody a few days after the woman went missing from her home in Saltsjö-Boo, a suburb to the east of Stockholm. Nacka District Court approved an application from prosecutors on Friday to keep the man in custody.

The man and the missing woman did not live together, but had a baby together. He claims that the woman left her apartment at lunchtime when he arrived to take care of the child. The man’s lawyer, Ingemar Mårtensson, said the man denies committing any crime.