Swede invents urinal for dogs

A Swedish inventor believes he may have found a solution to the pressing issue of lamp post corrosion - a urinal for dogs.

Swede invents urinal for dogs

Lennart Järlebro first learned of the problem after reading an article about the corrosive effects of dogs’ urine in an article in local newspaper Borås Tidning.

Spurred on by a desire to save the poles of the nation, he set about designing a streetside toilet for the canine destroyers.

The result was a urinal consisting of a rubber cup attached to the base of a lamp post, with a pipe to take the pee 30 centimetres away from the pole.

Järlebro is currently trying to secure a patent for his invention.

“There is a big problem with dogs and lamp posts, so I decided to make something to take away the ammonia and urine,” he told The Local.

Once he has manufactured a prototype, he plans to direct a marketing campaign at local councils all over Sweden.

“This innovation will save councils an awful lot of money. The average lamp post has a life span of 30 years but my invention is likely to add a further 15 years,” he said.

A spokesman for Borås council said that a lot of suggestions had come in since the issue was first raised earlier this month.

“People have mentioned various paints, a plastic cover for lamp posts, sprays to scare away the dogs… But a urinal for dogs is definitely one of the stranger suggestions,” Peter Kinde told Borås Tidning.

Though not entirely convinced that a urinal would successfully protect the town’s long-suffering posts, Kinde said he would reserve judgment until he had seen the finished product.