Beer-buying pensioner asked for proof of age

Sprightly pensioner Per-Eric Henricsson walked out of his local supermarket in disgust after a cashier demanded to see proof that he was over 18.

The 77-year-old from Gällivare in northern Sweden was in the process of buying a crate of low-alcohol beer for a meeting of the local branch of the Swedish Association for Senior Citizens when the shop assistant called his bluff.

“The girl demanded to see ID despite the fact that I was clearly a man of mature years. I told her I was over 18 and had no intention of showing my ID card,” Henricsson told Metro.

When the store manager agreed with the cashier that there could be no exceptions to their identification requirement, the chairman of the local pensioners’ association decided to take his business elsewhere.

But not everybody agreed with his assessment that the store had taken its policy to ridiculous extremes.

Iris Dimitri, a Left Party councillor in the town, felt that supermarkets should always request identification for the sale of certain goods.

“They are not supposed to sell alcohol and tobacco products to people under 18 and it’s not always that easy to tell,” she told Norrbotten’s Kuriren.

Henricsson meanwhile was considering leading a campaign for supermarkets to show a bit more respect for the elderly.