Woman beaten to death with plank

A 24-year-old dance instructor has been charged with the brutal murder of a 39-year-old woman in Strömstad, Expressen reports.

The woman had come to the western Swedish town for a visit in July. She met the 24-year-old at a popular nightclub one evening and the two ended up leaving the venue together.

Having walked to an alleyway near the centre of the coastal town, the suspect claims that the woman began mocking him.

In his drunken state he says that he lost his temper and pushed the woman to the ground.

According to the charges brought against him, he then picked up a plank and beat her repeatedly across the head, to the extent that wood split in several places. Police later found the alleged murder weapon, which is regarded as a potentially crucial piece of evidence when the case goes to trial next Thursday.

“I am charging the man with murder and will recommend a life sentence,” said public prosecutor Per-Åke Kvarnström.

The woman died from the serious head injuries she sustained in the attack. The man has admitted to striking the victim but claims to have stopped after the second or third blow. He rejects the murder charge on the grounds that he did not intend to kill the woman.