Swedish porn baron eyes top football club

Swedish porn baron eyes top football club
Photo: Gunnar Seijbold/Scanpix
Swedish porn magnate Berth Milton has acquired a ten percent stake in AIK football club.

Speaking on TV3’s Insider programme, the Barcelona-based CEO of the Private Media Group said he intended to buy up as many shares as possible.

“I currently own ten percent of AIK but I buy new shares every day. My aim is to have influence. They can’t do anything. It’s my money, my club,” he said.

Milton told TV3 he was disappointed by the club’s failure to tackle its hooliganism problem.

“I think I am an icon for people who fight. I think these people listen to me and what I have to say,” he said.

While his position may already be strong enough for him to demand a place on the board, his intention is to control 49 percent of the club’s shares, which is the maximum allowed by the Swedish Sports Confederation. The club itself must own at least 51 percent, according to confederation rules.

AIK chairman Per Bystedt did not dispute the fact that Milton had every right to acquire a stake in the club. But he was concerned that the new shareholder’s occupation would tarnish the club’s reputation.

The values that AIK stands for – and which are expressed on a daily basis – are far, far removed from the values I consider the porn industry to stand for,” Bystedt told Aftonbladet.