Man spread nude video of 15-year-old girl

An 18-year-old man has been convicted of aggravated libel after sending a nude video of his 15-year-old ex-girlfriend to hundreds of people over the internet.

The young man’s new girlfriend, 16, was also found guilty of the same charge. Both were sentenced on Friday to community service and were ordered to pay the girl 27,000 kronor ($4,100) in damages, Borås Tidning reports.

Speaking in court, the 15-year-old said that her then boyfriend had convinced her in April this year to record a video of herself posing naked and then send it to him via MSN Messenger.

“Everyone knows what boys want. This sort of thing is common,” she told the court.

The couple broke up shortly afterwards and it was not long before the 18-year-old and his new girlfriend began sending the film to people at the school. One pupil told police that 500 to 600 people had received the film via MSN.

Prosecutor Louise Eriksson told newspaper Borås Tidning that “most of the pupils at the girl’s school” had seen the film.

Although she had taken care to cover her face while recording the video, her ex-boyfriend decided to add both her name and the class she attended before passing it on.

With her identity out in the open, the consequences for the girl were devastating. She told the court that pupils she didn’t know had taken to shouting the word “whore” after her as she passed.

The girl’s father said he had found the situation difficult to handle. He was disappointed with the verdict.

“I was expecting a tougher punishment. We will have to see if we’re going to appeal. We haven’t had time to talk about it yet,” he told Borås Tidning.