Two fall from third floor at Halloween party

A woman in her 20s is in hospital with life-threatening injuries after falling from a third floor balcony during a Halloween party in Stockholm's Södermalm.

A man fell off the same balcony shortly afterwards, prompting police to say that under the “strange circumstances” they suspect attempted murder.

Police were called to the scene just after 1am. The woman had fallen and the man apparently hung from the balcony before he too dropped three storeys to the ground. Both the woman and the man were taken to Karolinska university hospital.

Police spokesman Lars-Erik Baarsen told Aftonbladet that the man was suspected of attempting to kill the woman.

“The strange circumstances mean we have to treat it as such. The balcony door was broken when we arrived at the scene and the woman’s clothes were still on the balcony,” he said to the paper.

Söder hospital announced that it would offer counselling to shocked witnesses to the incident.