Moderate couple admit paying cleaner under the table

Two politicians in the ruling Moderate Party have admitted paying their cleaner cash-in-hand for the past 13 years. The revelation comes after two weeks of scandals for the party.

Charlotte Cederschiöld is a Member of the European Parliament. She and her husband Carl – long a prominent personality in the party who works in a government-appointed job – have paid their cleaner 80 kronor an hour, three hours a week since 1994, according to Aftonbladet.

The admission compounds the woes of the Moderate Party, which has faced criticism after the woman brought in temporarily in the powerful role of Fredrik Reinfeldt’s state secretary admitted she paid under the table for work done to her house. This followed the resignation of her predecessor over an evening of drinking with a journalist.

Mrs Cederschiöld said she and her husband would correct their error straight away.

“I don’t have a more detailed explanation. It has just continued. We will pay above board from now on,” she said.

Cederschiöld said she was alerted to the error by a friend and decided to act. “It is regrettable. One shouldn’t do this,” she said.

The state should have been paid 27,718 kronor by the Cederschiölds over the years.