Cattle ‘starved to death’ on farm

At least 30 cattle have been found dead on a farm near Uppsala. Vets say they believe the animals starved to death and that many had been dead for some time.

The owners of the farm, two men aged 76 and 41, were arrested on Saturday suspected of animal cruelty. They were denied bail due to fears that they might hamper the investigation against them.

A number of the animals are to be tested by the Swedish National Veterinary Institute and a forensic investigation of the farm, north of Östhammar, is to be carried out. Police say they believe more dead animals could be found.

The older man was taken in for questioning on Friday, with the second man taken in on Saturday. A large number of police were used in apprehending both men, as guns were known to be kept at the farm. In the event, both men were apprehended without incident and police have impounded their guns.

“This is a very tragic story from beginning to end. We are now going to investigate how this could have gone so far,” said Christer Nordström of Uppsala Police.