Nursing home resident found lying in own excrement

Members of staff at a nursing home in Högsäter in southern Sweden have been suspended following incidents in which residents were found in conditions of some neglect.

One resident was found lying in excrement at the Högsäter nursing home with no means of raising the alarm. Four others were discovered lying in their own urine, newspaper Bohusläningen reports.

In a separate incident, an elderly woman was found lying in the hall of the old people’s homes with a broken thigh bone.

It was the manager of the nursing home, Sara Cimiano, who reported the incidents to the authorities.

The staff on duty at the time have been suspended pending an investigation.

Per Bäckström, manager of the local social welfare department, is leading the investigation.

“It is terrible when something like this happens. But it also shows that our routines actually work. The incidents have been reported and the patients and their families have been notified,” he told Bohusläningen.