Government troubles fail to impact on poll

Sweden's opposition parties have retained their substantial lead over the governing Alliance for Sweden, but do not appear to have profited from the latest troubles in Fredrik Reinfeldt's Moderate Party, a new opinion poll shows.

In the poll, from Synovate Temo, the Social Democrats, Left Party and Green Party together have the support of 55.6 of those questioned. The four parties of the Alliance have 40.5 percent support.

Synovate Temo interviewed 1,701 people for the poll between 24th October and 5th November. Photographs showing Fredrik Reinfeldt’s closest aide, Ulrica Schenström, kissing TV4’s political reporter at a Stockholm bar, were published on 24th October.

The incident led to Schenström resigning on 1st November, but there seems to have been little noticeable effect on the Moderates’ polling figures.

The party polled 23.1 percent, a fall of 0.3 percentage points since the poll was last taken a month earlier. The fall was within the margin of error.

Results for the other major parties:

Liberal Party 7.2 percent (+0.5)

Center Party 5.5 (-0.6)

Christian Democrats 4.7 (+0.7)

Social Democrats 43.7 (-0.6)

Left Party 5.1 (-0.5)

Green Party 6.8 (+1.5)