Surgeon ‘hired agent to hurt rape victim’s reputation’

A plastic surgeon convicted of raping a patient has been accused of hiring an agent to follow his victim to the South of France and damage her reputation ahead of his appeal.

Surgeon Carl Troilus, 53 and from Malmö, was jailed in September for raping the 23-year-old woman. Three weeks after Troilius was convicted in the district court a man was arrested on the French Riviera, near to where the victim was staying.

The man confessed to French police that he had been hired to befriend the woman and lead her into situations which would allow her to be portrayed as ‘frivolous’ in Troilius’s forthcoming appeal.

He allegedly followed the woman for ten days, tried to invite her to dinner and told her he was in love with her.

The man, an electrician, says he was hired by a French doctor friend of Troilius’s, according to Interpol documents seen by newspaper Sydsvenskan.

Malmö prosecutor Bo Albrektsson said Troilius is suspected of being behind the attempt and is being investigated for contempt of court. The plastic surgeon denies all accusations against him.