Snow draws in over Sweden

Now may be the time to pull some winter woollies out of the wardrobe with snow forecast for much of Sweden on Thursday evening.

Snow draws in over Sweden
Photo: Henrik Trygg

Meteorological agency SMHI expects the first flurries to hit the Dalarna region during the afternoon.

“There’s going to be quite a dense belt of snow moving up across Norrland,” said meteorologist Alexandra Ohlsson.

The agency issued a Class 1 warning for the region and is predicting snowfalls of around 15 centimetres, rising to 30 centimetres in central parts of Norrland.

SMHI also issued a class 2 warning for parts of western Sweden, with water levels expected to rise by 1 to 1.5 metres along the Halland coast on Friday afternoon.

“It’s going to be very windy along the west coast, which will mean that the water level will rise,” said Ohlsson.

The water level is expected to drop again on Saturday as winds subside.