Man jailed for threatening newsreaders

A 29-year-old Malmö man was sentenced to six months in jail on Thursday, convicted of threatening and harrassing SVT newsreader Anna Hedenmo.

The man, who threatened to rape and kill Hedenmo and her daughters, was also found guilty of threatening and harassing fellow SVT news presenter Anna Olsdotter Arnmar, Kvällsposten reported.

Hedenmo began receiving threatening letters and anonymous phone calls in June 2005. The convicted 29-year-old described how he would commit sadistic acts against, and rape Hedenmo. He also spelled out how he would kidnap and murder her. When he began threatening her daughters, Hedenmo called the police.

Olsdotter Arnmar received similar threats. The police found DNA on a stamp, which led them to the man. He had a history of threatening women in Malmö area.

Hedenmo told the court that she had feared for her life for months.

The convicted man said he was writing a screenplay and wanted to test his story, according to Kvällsposten.

“I wanted to create fear,” he said. “I had to see if it worked.”

In addition to the jail sentence, the 29-year-old was ordered to pay damages of 25,000 kronor to Hedenmo and 5,000 to Olsdotter Arnmar.

Hedenmo told that she didn’t want to comment on the sentence.

“It speaks for itself,” she said.

TT/Majsan Boström