Pupils threatened ‘for not wearing biker gang clothes’

Police say they are concerned after threats were received by schoolchildren in Skåne who refused to wear clothes bearing the logo of infamous biker group Bandidos.

Pupils threatened 'for not wearing biker gang clothes'
Photo: Mark Baker/AP/Scanpix

The Bandidos offered to supply youngsters in south-west Skåne with clothes bearing the gang’s logo. Any child who initially accepted but then had a change of heart was threatened with fines or violence, according to Skånska Dagbladet.

“The young people who come to their senses and no longer want to wear the clothes risk being subjected to threats, assault and in certain cases being forced to pay money to the gang,” said Thomas Servin, head of the intelligence section of Skåne Police.

Gang crime is a growing problem across Sweden, with reported cases of extortion doubling in the past ten years. Police estimate that there are now fifty criminal gangs around the country.

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