Father and son fined for drive-by egging

A father and son in southern Sweden have been fined for repeatedly throwing eggs at an elderly couple's home. Lund District Court has ordered the men to pay 33,000 kronor for harassment and a further 14,000 kronor in damages, Sydsvenskan reports.

What began as revenge on a schoolyard bully soon turned into its reverse, as the tormented turned tormentor.

Around Easter this year, the 18-year-old schoolboy told his dad that he was having trouble with another boy at school. Remembering the glory days of his youth, the supportive father, 42, suggested that they drive over to the boy’s house and egg his car.

Armed with a common cause and a six pack of eggs, father and son hopped into the family car and honed in on their target. But, to their enormous disappointment, the boy’s car was nowhere to be found.

There was nothing for it but to head towards home. But what to do with carton of eggs? Filled with a sense of mischief and wanted nothing more than to launch their missiles, father and son egged each other on to carry out the task at hand.

The elderly couple just happened to have the misfortune of finding themselves in the firing line. As the men approached, the father slowed the car down as his son took aim and flung the eggs at the couple’s house.

The next day, the old man and woman took no action other than to wipe the yolk and albumen from their walls and glass veranda.

The father-son duo meanwhile found that they had developed an immediate taste for egg-throwing. But rather than returning to the original bully they, somewhat inexplicably, now began to routinely target the elderly pair.

Nine times they slunk past the couple’s home to sling their oval load. The old woman told the court that the repeated attacks almost drove her to a nervous breakdown.

Eventually however the old man managed to unscramble the mystery. Hiding in the bushes, he made a note of the registration plate and reported the egg-throwers to the authorities.

When questioned by police it soon became evident that father and son had put all their eggs in one basket, as the facade of their relationship began to crack.

The father said that his son was the only one guilty of egging the elderly. But the 18-year-old begged to differ, telling police that the whole thing had been his dad’s idea and he too was an expert egger.